Welcome to Science Burrito

All the tastiest parts of science in one easy to swallow package


Hello and welcome to Science Burrito! In this blog we are going to explore some of the most weird and wonderful corners of science, I’ll show you some awesome experiments you can do in your own home with no specialised equipment, and I’ll be debunking some of pseudo-science we see in adverts or on the news and giving you the real story behind the headlines.

But all of this is secondary to my main goal here. What I really want to do more than anything else is show to all the everyday folks that they are just as capable of understanding high level science any of the doctors or professor in high flying universities. It’s just that you don’t know it yet. And that is completely our fault. Scientists bog down their field with ridiculous technobabble and are so poor at communicating with non-academics that it’s no wonder so many people think we are strange and secretive.

Well, here at Science Burrito we’ll be taking all the tastiest parts of science and wrapping them up into easy to swallow packages. Just like a taco! … or a burrito I guess.