The Fantastic Light!

Light is the best! I love light! And I’d better, because when I’m not writing Science Burrito, light is my job. I’ve talked about light a fair bit already of course. You know by now that it is light that stops you falling through the floor, and cuts your cheese and that light is one … More The Fantastic Light!

The Acid Test

Late again! Looks like I was wrong when I said things would be back to normal. But now they will be. But, to make up for being late, I thought I’d post something very special. So it’s new section time! In the coming months, I hope to occasionally add to this section a whole host … More The Acid Test

The LIGO post

So, here it is, finally, the LIGO blog. If you haven’t read my other blogs or ever read the news, then just for you LIGO stands for Laser Interferometry Gravity-wave Observatory, which I think is a little cheeky. I think that because when you think of an observatory, you think of a big telescope with … More The LIGO post

Where’s my Lightsabre?

With the eagerly anticipated next instalment of the Star Wars saga breaking all the records, I thought I would kick off this brand new science blog with something topical. As a physicist, a lot of my ‘civilian’ (non-scientist) friends ask me when I will invent something that changes the world. “Where’s my teleporter?” they cry. … More Where’s my Lightsabre?