An Analogous Blog

Science Burrito has been away again. It is terrible of me, I know. I promise, I will make it up to you all by posting plenty of fun stuff over the next two weeks. But before we get back to our regularly scheduled science-y fun, I wanted to draw everyone’s attention to a project that … More An Analogous Blog

Marvels of Science

The internet loves a countdown! And who am I to deny them that? The internet also loves superheroes, and I can oblige there too. I love science, and this is my blog, so I get to pick what goes in it. I also love the movies. Unfortunately, these two passions, like fat and water, aren’t … More Marvels of Science

Identity Crisis

Warning! There is very little science in this piece (although I managed to get some reference in there). It is purely an opinion piece, a subject very close to my heart that I wanted to get out there and it’s my blog so I can. So there. Society has, from time immemorial, and for good … More Identity Crisis

Juno arrives!

Five years ago, NASA launched a tiny space ship, no bigger than a basketball court, into the depths of space, to travel to a planet 11 times larger than our own. Tomorrow morning, by 05:00 am BST, we will know if it has successfully arrived. JUNO is going to be exploring Jupiter inside and out. … More Juno arrives!

Chemical Interactions: Through a lens darkly

“The scientific mind does not so much provide the right answers as ask the right questions.” – Claude Levi-Strauss. A recent RSC survey on public attitudes to chemistry reveals many fascinating and unexpected answers, but are the questions being asked really the best to help bridge the gap between science and the public? One obvious … More Chemical Interactions: Through a lens darkly