The Rabbit Hole

Science Burrito is doing its best to bring you all the juiciest, tastiest bits of science and serve them up to you in deliciously simple dishes. The only problem with this perfectly laid out plan, the big issue with science is, there’s a lot of it. Like loads. So sometimes, these posts might just touch on a topic or an explanation and leave you, the reader, thinking “Hey! Wait a minute! Tell me more about that!” when we’ve just zipped past it like a rocket car. Or maybe you might be a clever clogs thinking “I know all that, tell me something I don’t know!”

But there is a solution to this heady enigma. And here it is, down The Rabbit Hole.

Here’s how it works:

When I want to give you a bit more detail, or there’s more to an issue to explore (which is, literally, always) I’ll add a little coloured link to follow. A green link will be to something simple that doesn’t need much more information than what is in the blog or the link. An orange link might need you to remember something you’ve learned from the other blog posts, or some basic background knowledge. A red link is getting serious. There may well be maths. You have been warned. A black link is the proper heavy stuff. The research level stuff. The cutting edge, hard core, bare knuckle science!

Check back regularly, and check with the old blogs too, because I’ll be adding new links all the time. To make it easier, if you see this symbol rh then that means that a blog post has had a new Rabbit Hole link added recently.

So, strap in and get ready to venture Down The Rabbit Hole.